These fun and informal vegetarian workshops are based at my home in Kingston, near Lewes. I welcome you to share in my passion for creating feel-good food. Recipes are simple, economical, healthy and delicious.

In a small group, you will learn new cooking skills, and enjoy a three-course meal together. You will also learn about optimal vegetarian nutrition, and how to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients to feel your best. I can't wait to welcome you to one of my upcoming workshops.


Learn Mediterranean diet principals for a healthy heart 

and make fresh pasta.


Save time and money, learn to batch cook. Create a feast to set you up with healthy lunches for the week ahead.


Learn Asian cooking skills and Vegan nutrition principals

Cooking and Nutrition



Last night’s nutrition workshop was amazing. Really great to have hands on experience and contribute to the product....our lovely meal. I think the size of group was perfect for your homely house. Lovely relaxed atmosphere.


I'm not massively comfortable with meeting a whole new group of people on my own, however, you put me at ease straight away with your lovely warm welcome. My husband had the leftovers for lunch today and he really loved it, so I will most certainly be cooking the recipes again - especially the dessert which was a revelation!


I really enjoyed how you talked about the nutritional value of each of the ingredients we used, and I would definitely make those dishes again (my dad wants me to make them for his birthday). I really enjoyed the process of cooking, eating and talking together. It gave the evening a nice sense of community.

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