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Winter Salad and Farinata

1 hr

4 Servings

Winter Salad and Farinata


Knife, chopping board, mixing bowl, saucepan, sieve, frying pan, jam jar (to mix dressing)


For farinata:

  • combine chickpea flour and water with oil.

  • Take  a handful of herbs such as rosemary or sage  and remove leaves from stem.

  • Heat a frying pan, add a tbsp oil, followed by herbs.

  • Add 1 - 2 tbsp batter (enough to lightly and evenly coat base of pan)

  • Once the batter begins to bubble up and the underide is slightly toasted, remove from heat place under a hot grill to toast the top (approx 5 mins).

For the salad:

  • Make dressing by adding all dressing ingredients to a jam jar with lid and shake well to combine. Set aside.

  • Segment the orange, Using a sharp knife, slice off the top and bottom of the orange. Using even downward strokes, slice the skin away from the flesh and discard. Remove any remaining white pith. Cut between the membranes to segment the orange, retaining any juices for the dressing.

  • Slice the avocado into thin strips

  • Roughly chop herbs 

  • Take a bowl and arrange leaves at base, followed by grains, herbs, then avocado, oranges and nuts. 


Prep ahead >1 cup cooked quinoa/couscous/ bulgar wheat

100g leaves (Kale/spinach/watercress/ pea shoots)

50g bitter leaves (Rocket/radiccio)

1 orange

50g pecans/ walnuts

1 handful parsley

1 avocado


10 ml balsamic vinegar

60 ml extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp mustard

1 tsp honey/ maple syrup

Salt and pepper

Farinata (chickpea pancakes)

150g Chickpea flour

220 ml water

1 handful herbs (rosemary/sage/ thyme)

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