Festive Latkes, Applesauce and Turmeric Lates


4 Servings

Festive Latkes, Applesauce and Turmeric Lates


Knife, grater, chopping board, mixing bowl, frying pan, saucepan, strainer, blender, wire rack, kitchen roll/ parchment


For Latkes:

  • Peel and grate potatoes

  • Place potatoes in a seive and run under tap to remove starch (until water runs clear) Then squeeze out excess liquid and place in mixing bowl.

  • Grate the rest of the veg and add to the bowl.

  • Now add the flour, using hands to coat veg well.

  • Crack eggs and add to the mix

  • In a frying pan heat 600 ml vegetable oil.

  • Using a desert spoon, flatten out each latke in your hand, before dropping it into the hot oil for a few minutes to cook.

  • Once lightly toasted, remove with a slotted spoon and place onto kitchen paper.

  • Dip latkes into pots of apple sauce and sour cream/ greek yoghurt.


  • Peel core and dice apples 

  • Transfer to a pan with 1 cup water, apple cyder vinegar and maple syrup.

  • Simmer for approx 30 mins, or until softened

  • Stir with wooden spoon to create a purée or use hand blender.



3 large potatoes (preferably maris piper)

plus optional sweet potato / parsnip / carrot

1 onion

2 medium eggs

1/3 cup plain flour/buckwheat flour or breadcrumbs

salt and pepper

oil to fry (olive oil /avocado/peanut)


3 golden delicious apples

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp maple syrup

(additional dip: Sour cream)

Turmeric Lates (makes 2 cups)

400ml almond / soy/oat milk

1/2 tsp ground turmeric

1 cinnamon stick

5 peppercorns

5 cloves

1 tsp maple syrup/ honey