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Benefits: Cleansing and Replenishing - With a base of Coconut water this smoothie replenishes the balance of electrolytes. Beneficial after sports, illness, or dehydration after traveling. Mango is high in fibre, vitamins A and C. and E folate, B6, iron, calcium and zinc. Parsley is rich in Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium, cleanses blood and reduces coagulants in veins. Ginger has antispasmodic properties to soothe the stomach, and has been reported to improve upper gastrointestinal symptoms, such as indigestion. 


1 cup of frozen mango

1 banana

1 cup spinach

1 handful of fresh parsley

1 cup of coconut water

Juice of 1 lime or lemon

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp chia seeds


Blend until smooth and enjoy!


(Makes 2 glasses)

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