This is the first of 4 sessions. We'll meet in a small group from 7- 9 pm on Monday evenings throughout October in a COVID safe environment. These 2 hr hands-on sessions are packed with exciting plant-based cooking skills and you'll learn how to ensure you are getting all the essential nutrients to feel your best if following a plant-based diet.  Together we'll create a feast that you can take home, to set you up with healthy lunches for the week ahead. 🌟


🌟Herby Quinoa and Roast Pumpkin Salad with Tahini dressing
🌟 New Potato and Green Bean Salad with Salsa Verde
🌟 Kickin Kimchi

What's included:
Training and meals to stock your fridge
All equipment and ingredients are provided
Recipes and nutrition tips to take home

We will prepare the menu, and take our delights home to enjoy throughout the week 🌟