Benefits: This smoothie is great for all-round gut goodness. Supporting microbial balance and aiding digestion. Papaya is high in vitamins C and A, fiber and phytonutrients. It contains the enzyme papain, which aids digestion, and is anti-parasitic. For this reason, the papaya tree is often referred to as 'The Tree of Good Health' Mint has cleansing and detoxifying properties, and may help to relieve gas and bloating. Ginger has antispasmodic properties to soothe the stomach and has been reported to improve upper gastrointestinal symptoms, such as indigestion. Probiotics found in yoghurt and kefir highly beneficial for microbial balance in our gut. 


1 cup papaya

1 frozen banana

1 tsp ginger

Juice of 2 limes

1 cup dairy or coconut yoghurt/ kefir

1 tbsp maple syrup

10 Mint leaves


Blend until smooth and enjoy!