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Energise and Revitalise

10 Day Online Course
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Fed up feeling tired and wish you had more energy?

Do you wish your your weight, your energy – and your life – felt more balanced?


This online course is ideal if you suffer with low energy, poor sleep, mood swings, brain fog, weight gain, or if you want to get inspired in the kitchen, freshen up your eating habits, and learn how to protect yourself against colds, flu or infections during the winter months.

Results will vary from person to person, but after 10 days you can expect to feel:

  • More energised 

  • More balanced

  • Sleep better at night

  • Have clearer skin

  • Suffer fewer colds, flu and infections throughout winter

  • Feel generally brighter and more positive about how it feels to be you.

Course Host: Lucie Simon BA, Dip NT, mBANT

Lucie is an experienced  Nutritional Therapist, specialising in women's hormone health, helping her clients to transform eating habits and feel energised and radiant, rediscover waistlines, without starving or feeling deprived, and uncover the food choices to balance hormones, support immunity and look and feel fantastic, every day.

Learn to supercharge your health, support your immune system and feel your best.

There is an enormous amount you can do to support your immunity through food and lifestyle choices. You'll you'll learn about the food choices that will help you feel full of energy and vitality during this 10 day course. Your holistic package will include:


  • Who is this programme suitable for?
    The programme is suitable for everyone and anyone who wants to boost their health and wellbeing over the winter months.

  • What foods are included in the plan? 
    The blood sugar balancing recipes include delicious plant focused dishes, and there are some poultry and fish dishes in there too.

  • What if I can't cook?
    There will be online cooking class during the course to guide you, and there are some alternative options, such as short cuts, eating out guides and recipe box suggestions.

  • What foods are not included?
    Red meat, wheat, dairy, alcohol, refined carbohydrates and processed foods.

  • Is the course suitable for pregnant women?
    Unfortunately not, as main food groups are omitted. It would be advisable to work with me one to one.

  • Are there age restrictions?
    Yes, all clients must be 16 years +

  • Where will the course take place?
    The course is held online, within a programme called "practice better". You will be set up with an account, which includes a free app, so you can access the content via your phone too.

  • How much time will the course take each day?
    After enrolment you will receive all the course materials, and can gather ingredients and make the recipes in your own time. New video and written content is uploaded each day during the course, and these take usually no longer than 5 minutes to view. There may be live wellbeing sessions of yoga/ meditation or cook-along's available throughout the course too, recordings can be accessed in your own time if you are not able to make the live sessions.

  • What if I can't commit to the full 10 days?
    No problem, you will receive all the course content to continue with in your own time.

  • What if I am not satisfied/ change my mind?
    Don't worry, If you find for any reason that you are not satisfied with the course or change your mind after booking, then simply let me know and I will offer a 100% no quibble refund.

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Wonderful programme and perfect timing. Loved the daily prompts delicious recipes and inspiring posts from the group"

Energise and Revitalise Participant Nov 22


“Wonderful programme and perfect timing. Loved the daily prompts, delicious recipes and inspiring posts"


“We have enjoyed some really positive foodie moments in our home.. i've noticed how sugar effects our moods”


“I've loved the 10  days and the inspiration, i've made some positive changes and it's helped prepare me mentally for my upcoming surgery too."


“Just to say thank you. I have picked up lots of tips and am making changes slowly. Love the recipes.”


“I have enjoyed the experience immensely and look forward to continuing my newly formed habits going forward.”


“The difference has been a real eye opener.. this way of eating is the way forward"


"Thank you so much for putting this programme together, it was way beyond my expectations….”

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