Benefits:  Oats offer a slow release of energy, rich in minerals, B vitamins and soluble fiber (beta-glucans) to help maintain cholesterol balance, oats are a great way to start the day. Soaking grains and nuts makes them more bioavailable for our us too.


100g muesli (I use Dorset muesli) 

100g oats

1 pint soya/ oat/ hemp milk

2 apples grated


  • Cover the muesli mix with your choice of milk, until just immersed.

  • Grate in the 2 apples and mix in, so that all the apple is submerged.

  • Cover and chill overnight.

  • Before serving, you may need to loosen up with more milk, as oats will have expanded.

  • Serve up with fresh berries, chia or flax seeds, and toasted flaked almonds. A spoon of yoghurt and sprinkle of cinnamon make nice additions also.​

  • Keeps in fridge for 3-4 days