Eat fresh and feel good, it’s a simple message. Eat real food, closest to its natural form as possible, and flood your body with the nutrients you need to thrive.


Food is medicine. Understanding your unique constitution, your relationship with food, and getting intentional about your choices, means you can harness this power, to optimise your health and wellbeing.

I aim to cut through the confusion of the diet and food industry and give you, simple applicable tools, to harness the power of real food in a fun and delicious ways, supporting you to live your best, most fulfilled life. Choosing foods for the benefits they provide you with and unhooking from guilt or shame.

So, whether you're seeking professional guidance to reach your health goals, looking for nutritious recipe ideas, I am here to help you feel good with food!

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Could you be facing a sleep divorce due to your snoring?

Lucie Simon is a Nutritional Therapist and director at Somnowell Ltd, a high-end medical device for snorers. The revolutionary Somnowell device was invented by Lucie’s father, Professor Simon Ash. A leader in Dental Sleep Medicine in the UK. The Somnowell has helped over 5000 people in the UK overcome their snoring problems. Lucie combines her experience within the worlds of Sleep and Nutrition, to uncover the root causes of snoring. Through diet, lifestyle and mandibular advancement therapy, Lucie has helped hundreds of snorers and sleep apnoea sufferers get back in the bedroom with their loved ones, regain quality sleep and avoid sleep divorce.

Testimonial - Nutrition Client

Both my husband and I had a consultation with Lucie whilst on a yoga retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand. I really didn’t know what to expect but Lucie had such a lovely professional way about her that I felt at ease straight away and she gained all the relevant information that she needed.


Since adjusting my diet I have felt the benefits and along with this lost weight, so it has been a win-win :-).


I would not hesitate in recommending Lucie as she has changed my attitude towards my diet and she could change yours. 

Gill (UK)

Testimonial - Nutrition Client

Until meeting with Lucie, I had been unaware of the amount of caffeine and other irritants in my diet. She was able to pinpoint the likely dietary culprits and advised management strategies and alternatives. Additionally, she suggested changes to balance my diet. Simple, sensible, inexpensive, achievable solutions.


At my follow up visit, I was able to report amazing improvements and almost elimination of my worrying condition. Also, I had noticed several other health improvements which were an unexpected bonus. This has been life-changing.


My sleep pattern has improved, my appreciation of taste has been enriched. This exercise has made me far more conscious of my diet, as the saying goes, “we are what we eat”.

Lucie’s holistic, sympathetic analytical and highly professional approach was both reassuring and highly commendable. Its been a truly amazing journey with amazing outcomes. 

A Medical Dr (UK)

Testimonial - Retreat Chef

Lucie is passionate about food and creates the heartiest dishes that are considerate to body and mind. Many retreaters return on the strength of her wonderful food...she really is like gold-dust and will happily share recipes, nutrition advice and educate anyone on the art of her cooking.

Nat (

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