Let's Eat Fresh and Feel Good - it’s a simple message. Eat real food, closest to its natural form as possible, and flood your body with the nutrients you need to thrive. 


Let's Make Peace with Food - Getting clear on your relationship with food through Nutritional Therapy and understanding your unique constitution is powerful. From here you'll have the tools to make conscious choices, working with your body to optimise your health and wellbeing. 

Let's Enjoy Food - Above all, food is to be enjoyed and shared, through my recipes and workshops, learn simple, applicable tools, to harness the power of real food, in fun and delicious ways.


Let's Waste Less Food - My recipes, tips and tricks will help you to make the most of local and seasonal food, waste less, and help create a more regenerative planet and future.

So, whether you're seeking professional guidance to reach your health goals, looking for nutritious recipe ideas, I am here to help you feel good with food!

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Hormone Reset

28 Day Online Programme


Fed up with life being dictated by your hormones?

Check out my NEW group programmes....

Here's what's included:

  • Hormone Reset Recipe Book featuring delicious recipes.

  • Hormone Reset Manual with the lowdown on everything you need to know about your cycle, what disrupts it and how to get back in balance. 

  • Hormone Reset Journal packed with questionnaires and journaling pages to help you track your progress through the programme.

  • Printable shopping lists

  • Support, inspiration & motivation within a dedicated group

  • Daily motivational emails and videos

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Testimonial - Nutrition Client

Since adjusting my diet I have felt the benefits and along with this lost weight, so it has been a win-win :-).


I would not hesitate in recommending Lucie as she has changed my attitude towards my diet and she could change yours. 

Gill (UK)

Testimonial - Nutrition Client

My sleep pattern has improved, my appreciation of taste has been enriched. This exercise has made me far more conscious of my diet, as the saying goes, “we are what we eat”.

Lucie’s holistic, sympathetic analytical and highly professional approach was both reassuring and highly commendable. Its been a truly amazing journey with amazing outcomes. 

A Medical Dr (UK)

Testimonial - Retreat Chef

Lucie is passionate about food and creates the heartiest dishes that are considerate to body and mind. Many retreaters return on the strength of her wonderful food...she really is like gold-dust and will happily share recipes, nutrition advice and educate anyone on the art of her cooking.

Nat (Chilloutretreats.com)